Big Bang Theory is one of my favourite TV shows. The interesting mix of personalities and the acute atmosphere of STEM. Here I imagine them as Product Managers in a Startup.Big Bang Theory - Product Managers

Sheldon Cooper would be that Product member who is very intellectual and can tell you all the parts that won’t work and why. But will find it difficult to actually piece a big picture.

Leonard Hofstadter would be the one with really cool, workable ideas but is usually afraid to speak. He’ll often get overshadowed by other members of the team, which means they’ll take credit for his ideas.

Penny Hofstadter would be the reluctant, yet brilliant in an unconventional way kind of Product Manager. The one with the jokes and interesting way of looking at things.

Raj Koothrappali would be the team member that gets dissed a lot, often overlooked by his team members because he doesn’t take himself seriously.

Howard Wolowitz would be the Product Manager that is driven, sharp, comes up with the best Wireframes but is overly insecure. Howard is the team member that

Amy Farrah Fowler would be the extremely brilliant and empathetic Product Manager with a knack for balancing Perfect work with shipping moments. She’s the one that’ll make sure projects get done without overwhelming everyone or being overbearing.

Bernadette Rostenkowski is the Perfectionist Product Manager, who will be on your neck until you deliver. She’ll be the boss of everyone and command authority and if you fail, you are in trouble.