Meng To is a self-taught UI/UX designer living in San Francisco.
Meng To has been a key designer and coder for many projects that connect people to the Internet world. He is crazy about technologies and the Web and he possesses a large array of skills essential for today’s user-driven, highly-interactive Web, and mobile applications.
Meng-To Design Code

From 2003 to 2011 Meng To designed and developed, an active art community for artists and art enthusiasts that uses Facebook and Twitter connect.
In 2012, he designed the exciting, elegant and intuitive UI of Heyzap, a social platform for games with over 5M users.
He is a believer in Interfaces and Experiences that solve problems and engage users in a meaningful way.

Meng To is an awesome contributor to the Design community, adding his voice, experience, and growth by sharing his knowledge in Design. His passion is to teach Designers how to code, his book Design Code is an interactive book on how to design and code an iOS 11 app. He also has a YouTube channel for teaching iOS design and code to an audience of beautiful learners. Meng-To Design Code - ios

We love this tip he has for beginner Designers on MediumBend the rules. Yes, you’ll be sharp and consistent, minimalist and trendy, but you can’t be sterile. You have to innovate and speak design from the heart. Go travel, get out of your comfort zone and view things from another perspective. Don’t settle.”

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