I first discovered Chelsea LaSalle on Twitter, because of her Twitter handle, which for obvious reasons always seems to rile up Chelsea Football fans. It’s always a blast to see her Tweet something humorous about the Football season and the fact that she is not in any way affiliated with the football club, and then have fans come give snarky, yet amusing ‘entitled’ thoughts at her.
But, that was how I found out about her and started stalking her work.
Chelsea LaSalle is a freelance designer and art director based in NYC freelancing for the likes of DVF, Glamsquad, and Dame Products. Previously at Bustle, she led Please, a beauty account as well as focused on branding and graphic/web design.

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Before that, she led design at Le Tote focusing on print & marketing design. Her Dribbble account is a Treasure island of varying designs and design processes, from graphic design, branding illustration, to social media design, art direction, and visual design.

What I specifically love about Chelsea LaSalle’s designs is the finesse and sparkling clean aura that they exude. Her work gives off an air of something that comes from the heart and is crafted in love.
Her design personality shows off a direction that comes with doing designs that you love & mean a lot to you.
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