Michal Pasternak is a UX strategist & designer, mechanical engineer, and poet. She is the co-founder of Paths from Palo Alto, which is a collection of anonymous life and career stories from Palo Alto alumni.
Prior to this, Michal Pasternak was the Chief Experience Officer at the global design agency, Huge.Michal Pasternak
She joined Huge in 2004 as one of its first interaction designers and became instrumental in growing the company’s user experience and strategy practices. Michal led user experience strategy and interaction design for large-scale engagements for clients including JetBlue, History.com, and About.com. She also helped develop Huge School, a discipline-specific, paid apprenticeship program designed to give talented individuals the skills required to be successful in a career at Huge.
We admire Michal’s work and awesomeness! She has a great and solid knowledge in UX, much of which she shares on Twitter. She has designed experiences for children, baby boomers, C-Level executives, and Brooklyn hipsters etc
At Huge, she oversaw and cultivated UX globally, managed UX for 7 offices around the world, and was responsible for ensuring the quality of work and steady growth of UX teams.

In her exit email from Huge, she gave this practical advice:
I believe that life starts at the edge of your comfort zone. It’s easy to feel comfortable. It’s much harder to continue to push yourself, to take bold risks, and to evolve. That’s what we do for our clients every single day. And that’s what I believe we owe to ourselves and what I owe to myself. I’m beyond excited about the challenges that lay before me. I plan to continue to redefine and push the boundaries of User Experience. I envision users of the world spending more time doing things they enjoy with people they love, and less time being frustrated by ill-considered, poorly designed experiences. And I want to inspire the next generation of UX strategists and designers to keep doing it better.

Huge Works
Prior to joining Huge, Michal worked at IDEO and Applied Materials, where she designed user-centric, physical products.

We love the mix of Design, Content, Consumer Experience and Media that is imbibed in Michal Pasternak, she represents what a part of me personally is being built into. Follow her on Twitter for her raindrops of wisdom.