Getting a new client can be a tough nut to crack. First, you have to identify and be specific about the kind of clients you want, what your services/offerings are and your work process.

When you finally get a prospective client, you move into the hyperventilating stage of it all – Presenting/Selling to the client and making sure they are fulfilled with your service and product. This post is to help you cover the basics of your presentation, from our experience of dealing with clients and presenting to them. These are the major things you have to┬ápresent and discuss when you are meeting with the client and presenting your custom made solution to their problem.

1. Introduce yourself/your company – The first thing of course, is to introduce yourself and your product, stating what your product does and how it helps your target audience.

2. How can you help your client? – Identify and be specific about how you are going to help the client. Be upfront about how your solution gets the client to their desired destination.

3. Use at least one relative case study – After the introduction and ‘this is what we do/this is the solution we offer’ phase of the presentation, you’ll need to buttress the points you’ve made with Case Studies of your product being a solution to some other Person/Organisation’s problem. Case studies help people understand your product in use, it scores points for Authenticity, and of course, it sells your product better.

4. How will your product/service make a┬áprofit for the client? – Explain how your product will make for a profitable life for your client. This is essential if your client is an organization. Show them how your product brings in money into their company or cause, how it increase sales/leads for them, how it draws in sponsors to their doorstep.
And if your client is an individual, make sure you make a case for profitability in their life.

5. Research your client. Know almost everything you can about them.

6. Under promise, over deliver. Keep your promises straight and precise.

7. Tell them things they are doing well and the things you can help them improve on – You don’t need to down-talk the client because you are trying to sell. You can show them the steps they have taken that is right and why they need your product/service to turn leads into conversion. This is true for Internet Businesses that have good leads, but can’t seem to be able to take the leads further down the Marketing funnel.
Show them how you achieve their precise goals with your product.

8. Give room for questions