A lot of marketing executives have a fear of conducting simple customer interviews, marketers generally seem to have a phobia for things that seems like sales. However, considering that one of the main things that makes marketing a vibrant and conversion is customer insight and data, speaking to customers is a very important way of gaining first-hand insight on the emotions behind why your users choose you and how. You don’t have to talk to a lot of customers, chatting with your customers is all about quality versus quantity. Interviewing allows you to get deeper, more emotional insights that can be used to create campaign-changing test hypotheses. And if you are still not sold on why you should interview your customers, here are some things to consider:


Product development/management:

Speaking to customers can help you deeply understand the features of your product that your users like the ones they don’t and the underlying reasons. This will in turn, help your product management process as you’ll be able to focus on the parts that actually help your users from the insight you’ve been able to gather.


Learn where people found out about your product:

Chatting with customers also helps you get the real fact on how people learn about your product, the stage of the funnel that they find easy the most and the point of entrance that is most popular or endearing. Talking to your users helps you know precisely how people found out about your product, so you can know what channels are effective and the ones that are not. This will in effect help you with your marketing budget, so you don’t end up spending money, time and energy on a channel that isn’t converting at all.


Understand the channels that favour your growth:

Getting into conversations with your users aids your marketing campaigns. It gives you the best feedback on the channels that are converting the most or the channels that your customers have an emotional attachment to and will help your own distribution. As Michael Aagaard, senior conversion optimizer at Unbounce, puts it: “In my experience nothing beats actually talking to your target audience. The insight you get is priceless, and no amount of quantitative data will let you reach the same level of understanding”.



Speaking with users gives you a deep understanding of how your users actually see your product, as opposed to how you see your brand and your product. It also gives you insight into all the ways your users are using your product and what they associate your product with. This helps your brand/product positioning. In a podcast with Uberflip, April Dunford mentioned that sometimes you can have a definition of what your product is, while your users may have a more specified and profound definition for it based on the value they get from using it. And this gives you a better stand point for brand and product positioning.


In summary, customer interviews are incredibly useful as they give you a more emotional and valuable feedback that simple data capturing may not be able to give.