Design centered work has become the order of the day. Last weekend we asked 3 designers to tell us the difference between Product design and UX design. Here are their thoughts.

Ayomide Onasanya

A product can either be physical or digital. In this case, I’ll focus on the digital Products. A product designer is the guy charged with the responsibility of thinking about the product’s critical features, things that will set it apart, when the product becomes ‘shippable’, upcoming features and so on. They come up with practical and achievable solutions to problems.

Product designers to a large extents, also detects the tone of the product, sound and the way it will be presented to the world and how success will be measured. Although they work closely with User Experience (UX) experts and User Interface (UI) gurus, they are not to be confused for a UX/UI designer.

UX designers on the other hand designs around the users needs, they make assumptions based on industry standards, current trends, experience, research, data, tests and so on. By default, UX designers are required to carry out UI tasks, their main role is to think about what happens every time a user interacts with an element of the product. They make sure every scenario in completing a task via the product is catered for, leaving nothing to chance. UX is the bridge between the customer and the business. They try as much as possible to make the users happy and keep the business profitable.

Tobi Akinbo

Okay, I think product design is essentially conceptualizing the product, what it should be, what it should do, it is first in line. User Experience Design is specifying how the product should serve it’s purpose, how the user experiences it, it is based on the users needs (often discovered through research and feedback).
But you can argue that product design is not first in line, I mean why create a product people don’t want?
I think user centered design is the foundation of both.

Joseph Benson Aruna

User experience design is basically designing for the many scenarios people using your app would find themselves in. It’s designing the way your user feels when using your app.
Product design encompasses user experience design, interface design and in a lot of cases, the engineering of the product. It’s about the delivery of the product as a whole.