Contrary to what you might think, there’s a science to creating content. Creating content goes beyond the sheer beauty of being creative or being able to create, especially if you want to create engaging content. Here’s what we’ve found out and realized over time about creating content the target audience loves:

1. Don’t assume you know what people’s needs are and develop content based on your assumptions. In Uberflip’s interview with Anum Hussain on how her team creates content for SideKick, she reiterated the fact that assumptions can sidetrack a content team’s view and make them focus on either the wrong audience or lower results achievable.

2. Speak with your customers/users. Know their aspirations and pain points and let your content address these issues.


3. Check out the questions people are asking about your field or area in forums, groups, platforms and website. Then map out and create content that answer these questions.


4. Look at the insights gathered from your own analytics and data points and buffer up content based on the insights.


5. Also, get to understand the psychology behind why people search for the things they search for. A lot of times people search based on needs or emergency needs, which makes it a tad difficult to control things. But, it gives us a good idea and foundation for creating content.