Unless you are creating a piece of art that is allowed to be abstract, subjective and out of this world, your design and copy/content most likely has a functionality to which you are creating it. So, if your design and copy is for business, product, tech or marketing purpose, you’ll have to make the different parts align. Sometimes this can be a bit of a hassle as the copy can be right while the design not so much. Or the design can feel right while the Copy is out of place mentally. Here are our suggestions from handling Copy, Content and Design for a number of years, that’ll help you align and reinforce the two sides for amazing optimization:


Make sure your Designer and Copywriter are aligned. This doesn’t mean they have to agree on everything at all times. A good energy between your designer and copywriter ensures a great delivery as they will be in sync on what they deliver. If the energy between them isn’t good, you may not be able to get the best out of them. An aligned and well synced atmosphere fosters great output.


Map out the Goal for What you are Creating. If you are creating a landing page, pinpoint what you want the landing page to do and what you want people to do when they get there. Mapping out the goal and result you are trying to achieve helps you to take the right steps in designing and writing the copy that’ll lead to a good result.


It’s all About Communication: Knowing that designing, copywriting, is basically about communication makes for a good mindset for approaching your work. Ask yourself what is the main point I’m trying to establish and communicate? How does the design and copy communicate this main point?


Test, Iterate and let the Data Insights Help you. Testing makes your life and work easier, as you can get feedback and make iterations based on the feedback you get. This way you can test two or three sets of Copy and Design, and know from results/insights which ones converts best.