Penning words is one of the most beautiful creative processes that exists in the world. Putting words down is a human and humane way of expressing feelings, processes, expectations, products and practically anything that needs to be passed from one human to another.

However, the beauty of writing and communicating creatively is different from one medium to another. Communication isn’t truly defined if it doesn’t take into cognizance the recipient and the medium/method of delivery. The way you would write for people receiving your comms via TV is different from the way you would write for people receiving or consuming it via Billboard. This is why it is pertinent to understand the dynamics for communicating via Web Channels, especially if your target audience lives on the Web.


We’ve put together a few thoughts on the things that should guide you when writing web content:


Understand the Target Audience:
before you start writing, make sure you know who you are targeting with your communication – the demographics, lifestyle, where you’ll most likely find them. This will help you determine what to write and how to write it in a way that’ll get their attention. Deeply getting to know your target audience is the best way to know how to make them come to you. You can get data from your tech or marketing team that’ll make it easy to understand them.


Determine What Your Goals are Before Writing at all:
Web content is tricky, you can have all the beautiful or salesy words and still not get good results and ROI. The first thing to do in making your life easy, is to sit down and determine what your objectives are. Ask yourself these questions: Why do we need to write this? What are we trying to achieve? What problems are we trying to solve? What are the best proven methods for solving these problems?
Once you’ve answered these questions, proceed to setting goals and create measures for checking what’s working and what’s not.


Be Clear About Your Proposition:
Another thing you have to be super-meticulous about is your proposition. Or the action you expect people to take when they read this content you are about to create. You need to be very clear about what you want people to do, let it be a lucid and comprehensible proposition. This will inform the actual words that you’ll be crafting and the action points you are expecting.


Know the Technicalities of the Medium you Intend to Use:
The forth point that is usually neglected by a lot of writers is understanding the technicalities of the medium their communication intends to sit on or the platform they’ll be using to convey their message. If you don’t get the technicalities, you won’t be able to succinctly convey your message and you won’t succeed in getting anyone to act on it.


Carving an experience online and creating for the web requires a certain level of strategy. You need to go beyond your own inner compass to understanding the medium to making sure the medium and the message are well entwined, supporting each other and yielding results.