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Slim Trader

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March 30, 2017

17 UX Myths Debunked

March 13, 2017 in Design, Product Developement

5 Product Lessons From Designers

Designers make for some of the most creative people to discuss Product development and management with. They deal with all the quirks, understand the interface flow for consumers. This post is a compilation of recent Design reads that made me…

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February 21, 2017 in Design

10 Awesome Quotes from Steal Like an Artist

“Fake it till you make it” comes with a lot of controversy especially from Intellectuals who are adamant on a strict definition of originality. Austin Kleon’s, “Steal Like an Artist” flips ‘fake it till you make it’ on it’s own…

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February 7, 2017 in Design, Product Developement

Two Key Things Needed In Business And Design Decision

This is something I mulled and chewed in my mind a couple of years ago about business, marketing and user experience that are still relevant today. Even though Technology, Trends, and Innovation in themselves are often overstated and their uses…

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